The summer 09

by marthrhiannon

So… I have just started my third and final year at uni and have decided I wanted a fresh new blog showing anyone who’s interested what I’m getting up to over the next year(and possibly beyond, we’ll see).

To see my old blog(and old work from the last two years at university) see:

Anyway, I had a fairly productive summer although I managed to completely fail on the job-seeking front=no money for Martha:(. First of all, I entered an animation competition called The Great Animation Challenge. Brief was to create an animated music video to one of the songs provided. After a good two weeks of work, I came up with this:

(unfortunately I couldnt get the whole film uploaded to YouTube but heres the start bit that did upload).

Obviously it has it’s lovely amateurish flaws but overall I was quite pleased with the end result. I didn’t win (that pleasure went to Joe Lea and his energetic and colourful piece) but it was quite the thing to see my work on a screen bigger than my laptop’s (I also got a taste of audience-love when my film was applauded, even if they did do it after every film).