Some visuals

by marthrhiannon

Over the past 6 weeks or so I have been working on my graduate film idea. After many many unsuitable ideas and a load of drafts I have settled on a ‘story’ etc.

Here is some concept work so far:

The story is about a young woman who, since she was a small child, has had a fascination/obsession with the sea. Through her longing, she eventually creates a small ball of light which turns into a fish and guides her through said sea. The swim ends with her swimming away from the fish who has grown large and aggressive. She is then rescued by her mother(although you never actually see her mother except for the arm) and she goes back to the comfort of home. It all ends with her sitting on a beach staring at the starry night sky when another glowing ball appears, signifying another possible adventure.

The whole film is essentially about ambition(the glowing ball being ambition itself), leaving the comfort of home and change(good and bad).

I have started a decent storyboard (after a few really rough scribbly ones) and next step is complete a rough animatic; to have a look at the timing/pacing of the film. Might have a little play with sound for my scratch soundtrack in the next couple of days too.