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Month: November, 2009

Update on grad film

This is a post all about the new film developments.

At the beginning of November, we had to present a rough animatic of our film. It didn’t go fantastically yet it did have a really good outcome for me. The animatic wasn’t the worst animatic ever but it wasn’t great(it was pretty bad:)). It didn’t flow or hold together as an interesting structured film. There were bits the class liked about it- both bits of the visuals and of the story but a lot of it didn’t read quite right. From making this animatic, I found that my film idea had become an awkward quest/journey movie- not a great idea for a 3min or less film.

I was pretty stuck for a while, there was a lot of sitting and staring at my computer screen but now, after LOADS more script drafts and conversations with lecturers and classmates, I have a story! And it has decent structure and much more depth to it.

I cut out a whole load of the story and now it is mainly set in the back ‘garden’ of the house on the hill/island.

Quick’ Script for my film ‘Grow up!’:

It is all about a neglected little girl whose parents always argue and whose older sister left home to get away from it all(this plays out in the title sequence- it is the very beginning of a day).

She is isolated with only a captive fish in a bowl to play with. The fish wants to go back to the sea though and will no longer play. Eventually she is drawn over to the high fence that surrounds the garden- keeping her captive, as the bowl does the fish. She wants to release the fish(and longs for that freedom for herself) but the fence is too high and she is too little. She stays by the fence, holding the fish, even as the day moves on and it becomes late afternoon.

Behind her is the sound of a car, then doors slamming and the arguing begins again. It is too much for her and she squeezes her eyes shut, wishing she could get away but not knowing how.

Suddenly she grows upwards. She keeps growing and as she grows she gets a little older until she is a young woman and as tall as the house. She is now tall enough to step over the fence and moves down to the waters edge. Once there, she slides the fish into the water and it disappears. Not knowing quite what to do, she turns back towards the house but sees that that world is now far too small and confining so she turns and steps into the water.

She smiles whilst holding her breath and revels in the feeling. The fish zips around her and then swims away. She suddenly realises that she is not like the fish, the sea is not her escape and she begins to panic as she starts to drown.

An arm reaches down from above and pulls her to the surface. She is in a small row boat facing her sister who has come back for her, to help her get away and show her a new world that she discovered when she herself left home. They do not hug but they smile and then the sister turns the boat.

For the first time, the young woman(girl) and the audience see the vast city which lies along the coastline behind the house and its island. The sister begins to row towards the city and as she rows, the sky gets darker, the lights of the city begin to turn on and the small house on the hill disappears into the darkness.


I’m off to start on the new animatic as I have 2 weeks!eeek. Also got my dissertation draft to do alongside it so I better get working.

Hello again- This is what I have been doing(not grad film).

Okay so it wasnt the next afternoon.

Over the past month(+) I have been quite the busy girl:

I worked for ArthurCox for the day, helping at their wonderful screening event in Bristol- I loved it all. Also got to go to the Depict! screening to see George’s film on the big screen. The panel were really interesting too.

I finished a little 14 second piece for a student documentary- its a simple asteroid hitting the earth sequence. I hope they like it, they didnt really give me much to work with in terms of what they wanted. Sorry about the jerkiness, its a rough animation but the avi version isn’t THAT jerky(it would also take ages to upload).

Here it is:

Where has the time gone?

Oh dear. Realised I haven’t updated my blog in a month! Well, a lot has changed with my final film idea and I shall post all my new stuff in a big bundle (but at a friendlier hour than this).Lets say tomorrow afternoon shall we?