The ‘Message’

by marthrhiannon

I realised the message(or whatever you’d like to call it) of my film has changed a little. My first ideas centred around ambition and leaving the comfort of home. The girl wanted to leave the house due to curiousity and a ‘grass-is-greener-on-the-other-side’ sort of thing. This has now evolved into a story where the girl wants to leave the isolated house on its hill because of misery. She NEEDS to leave as her parents are always shouting at each other and at her. Her sister has left and now she wants to follow. This story is about leaving the discomfort of  ‘home’ and about the possibility of finding happiness somewhere else. I wanted to look at the idea of growing up in order to escape an unhealthy environment and also to look at the bond between two siblings growing up together in that environment. Her sister leaves but then eventually comes back to aid the young girl in her escape.

I wanted to make sure that although the sister helps the girl escape, it is the girl who initially takes the first step.

I am hoping to use size, space and noise quite specifically in this piece to enhance the message. For example:

Size= The girl growing in size until she is taller than the house is to show the girl has outgrown her ‘home’/past. She has to move on as her house is no longer something she can return to. Her size also allows her to step over the fence that has been keeping her there- this is to show how growing up(maturity/age) can aid someone when they need to escape an abusive homelife. A child is very vulnerable and a big part of that is their size when compared with the adult- By making the child grow, I am taking away that obvious disadvantage and vulnerability.

Space(and framing etc)= The house on the hill is isolated. It is her whole world and I want it to be the audiences whole world as well until the child grows and escapes. A major event in this film will be the sister showing the girl the city which lies on the coast behind the house on the hill. I want to make it clear that although it is the girl who takes the first step to escape by stepping into the water, it is the more experienced sister who gives her new choices and shows her new horizons. The girl’s world has to slowly expand throughout the piece.

Noise= The sound of the sea will play a big part in this, as will the muffled sound of her parents arguing. The sounds of the sea makes it clear what she(and the fish-really a manifestation of her longing) wants. The sound of her parent’s arguing makes it clear what is making her current situation slowly more and more unbearable and is ultimately the stresser which motivates her to grow.