Business Card designs

by marthrhiannon

Part of our course encourages self-promotion and so we have been asked to create business cards, CV, Showreel etc etc. I made some business cards a little while ago using some of my more recent work(work that shows my developing style a little better). I really just wanted them to be fun like I want my work to be. I also wanted them to be nice little things for people to have as I like it when I receive a business card which is a little miniature of someone’s art-something a bit more special than just the info and a logo. I do think that if you are in a creative industry then your business card should reflect that.

Got them printed by definitely going to use them again- they let you have up to 50 different designs which was brilliant for me as I thought I would get bored handing out the same picture again and again and again. 7 different designs and people seemed to quite like them- felt a bit unprofessional letting people choose which one they would like instead of just slipping it to them subtly but as I dont feel like a professional(or an adult) yet, it was just fun.