Need to update:)

Hi, Ive been working on my dissertation for what seems like aaaaages. Getting there though. Its all about the purpose of the female superhero in the action comic book ie. plot device, male or female sexual gratification, feminist role model etc etc. starting to take the fun out of comics but its interesting stuff nonetheless.

Also been organising the class grad show and exhibition. Got the ball rolling and now everyone seems to be interested and doing their bit. Fingers crossed people will still be motivated when we are all in the middle of production and needing to fundraise, print, make, organise, contact, move, hire etc.

On the film front, I have revised my story once again. It’s a lot more concise and hopefully a lot more effective now. A weakness of mine this year has definitely been to want to drag the story out but with only 3minutes filmtime and approx. 2 months for production, I really dont have that luxury. I think simplifying the piece has been quite beneficial but the ultimate test of that will be the finished film I guess:)

Bit more thought on the sound (something I tried to stay away from for as long as possible, lots of kudos to all you sound designers/technicians out there). The sound has become incredibly important to the storyline.

Its very simple; as of yet, no music. It starts off with just the sound of the sea and loud nagging seagulls. The seagulls take the place of the parent’s arguing all the time and I want them to be really, really annoying:) the aim is to make the audience want to get away from the sound as much as the protagonist. Then, when the character eventually steps over the wall and away from her ‘childhood’/home, the seagulls will stop. Hopefully it will make the audience feel relief- there will just be the sound of the waves and maybe the wind. When the character jumps into the water, I need to make the audience aware that this is not the place the character should be even though she has been aiming towards this- the sound will hopefully be muffled and claustrophobic- a bit like when you stand up too fast and the blood is throbbing in your ears. maybe the sound of her breathing but as if you are inside her head? Finally, when she gets washed up on the shore, I plan to have the kind of sounds you might hear on a summer evening in a meditteranean seaside town- light waves, creaking, laughter etc. I want them to be warm and inviting sounds to signify the final setting as the place where the character belongs.

I will post my final storyboard and script soon to give you more of an idea of what I am aiming for. Plan is, I will post the new animatic soon as well. Also, got a whole load of concepts and final designs to post.

Started animating, going to be a very long couple of months. Next deadline is the first cut review in March so I have to get the bulk of the animating done in about a month:)scary but really exciting 🙂