Exhibition and end of year

by marthrhiannon


Havent posted in aaaaages. Going to do an update now. I finished my film after many busy days and nights and Im pleased with it. The pacing of the story and the sound in some places needs some work but the overall look of the film seems to have been pretty successful. Im going to get the last little bits done and then start sending it off to festivals, Im not sure if it’s the right sort of film but it cant hurt trying!

What seems like a long time ago, I started planning an exhibition for the class at the Centrespace Gallery. Yesterday was the opening night and it was wonderful. The screening area needs to be sorted out but overall, it was a successful first exhibition, especially considering we did it all ourselves with no help from the university. I still have a couple of things to do to my space which will annoy me until I do them so I will be going in today. Parents and grandparents are popping in so that will be really nice showing them my work, especially since they will say lots of nice things(even if they aren’t true):D.

Oh if anyone has picked up a business card recently and tried to access my website, massive apologies, its still under construction. If you would like to see a portfolio and/or showreel of my work, you can contact me on: contact@marthaford.co.uk and I would be very happy to send you/digital send you them.