It’s been even longer than last time!

When I last posted, I was working for Beryl, building an illustration portfolio and had just signed up to volunteer on the decor team for Brisfest.

Since then, I’ve finished my freelance work at Beryl and have been completely absorbed in illustration since(although I am missing animating so much right now and may have to create something new soon). More about my illustration goings on in a minute.

Brisfest 2011 came and went. I spent many a good evening designing and painting in the few months leading up to the festival. We were situated in a warehouse about a 10minute walk from where I live which was perfect. We got free wristbands for the festival as a thank you for helping but unfortunately, after setting up all day thursday and friday, I got ill and was off for the whole weekend, in bed instead of dancing away into the early hours!Nevermind, I do like sleeping…

Here is a work-in-progress(almost finished) photo of one of my pin-up efforts for one of the tents: