Sneaky Peeks-Upcoming Exhibitions

by marthrhiannon

I have two group exhibitions coming up. One is called ‘Distance’, organised by Romina Berenice Canet, a very energetic and talented argentinian artist and fellow member of ‘Drawn in Bristol’. 11 artists from England and 11 artists from Argentina (plus Romina) will be taking part in this two-part show- first exhibiting in argentina in the Casa Carnacini from the 6th-23rd January and then the show will be brought back to the UK for a second exhibition. It should be good! Here’s a sneaky peek of my piece titled ’10 Steps Away’:

Very sneaky- honestly I’m not really sure about how much you can show before the exhibition opening, anyone?:)
And secondly, a friend of mine, Tanya J Scott, a talented animator, designer and illustrator, bid for and won funding from Ideastap to create a group exhibition and short animation around the theme of sustainability. The title of the exhibition is ‘Bottoms Up’ and I believe it will be happening at the Tobacco Factory(Bristol) in January.
Here’s a slightly less sneaky peek of this piece: