The Pitt Rivers Museum, Oxford

by marthrhiannon

I went to this amazing(and famous) museum just after christmas with my dear sibling and parents and absolutely loved it. Its like stepping into a Victorian explorer’s lost attic/warehouse. Collection after collection of curiousities(model ships, lanterns, coins, musical instruments, you name it)are hoarded and stuffed into glass cases.

The room, although big, is full right to the edges with interesting objects. Regardless of the space issue, there were still people sat on little stools in corners and in front of some of the cases sketching away. I would recommend going along for a few hours if you are ever near oxford and have a good drawing session. There are also some amazing patterns/textiles around the place.

I personally loved the shrunken heads display(I assume its a popular one) and the lamp collection- there were some wonderful lamps made from drinks cans from Palestine and a bizarre blowfish lantern.

It also has a great collection of weaponry upstairs.

Its a free museum although I fully recommend helping out and giving a donation if you can. Go visit! It was wonderful and I will definitely be returning with a camera and  sketchbooks.

Oh and although its a bit gruesome, I love sketching butterfly/insect collections and flicking through old botanical books so this beautiful display wall in the natural history museum(in the same building as the big pitt rivers collection) delighted me no end!:

NOTE: These are not my photos! I wasn’t able to take any of my own due to the old batteries running down on my camera:((so I nicked other people’s from google images- thank you, they are wonderful!).