Babababaaaaaam…New Cards

by marthrhiannon

Recently created 4 greetings card designs to sell in the Watershed’s foyer shop. So far they have gone down really well and a second order has gone in, wahay!

I wanted to create a cohesive set of 4 and went about this by really developing my use of colour and pattern.

Like a few previous pieces, I have once again, unwittingly, started exploring isolation within the natural world- being sometimes a part of it and sometimes very at odds with it.

I’m completely fascinated and constantly trying to visualise and recreate these themes of isolation.

My parents would take us on family holidays to these remote cottages in really beautiful and (seemingly) wild surroundings. We would go out exploring across the moors, or through the woods, or across these windy pebbly beaches and it always made me feel very small but in a natural way- I wasn’t imposing on nature, I was part of it. I’ve always lived in large concrete towns and cities and so these trips always had a profound effect on me.

I also grew up on a diet of amazing and weird stories. Roald Dahl, CS Lewis, Philip Pullman, Tolkein, Diana Wynne Jones, Maurice Sendak, Tamora Pierce and Mary Norton, naming a few on my long list of favourite writers. Then of course there was the consumption of many MANY myths, legends and folktales. They have all inspired me to create these weird magical little worlds.

These bright little cards are being sold at the Watershed in Bristol and the Paper Scissors Stone pop-up shop, also in Bristol. The photo below is the glass box they have set up to promote the store in Cabot Circus.