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Month: January, 2013

Birthday Post!

It’s my birthday today and to celebrate, I am blogging! No, not really, I am going to the cinema, eating lots of food, drinking and playing geeky boardgames. Roll on Dominion and Gloom(both great games, give them a go!), oh and I think there will be a lot of Articulate going down later. Wild.


Anyway, so there’s this exhibition called ‘Beat the Blues’ coming up at St George’s (Bristol), running alongside the Acoustic Music Festival and I will be exhibiting alongside some really talented illustrators and artists.

Although I am sure some of you will see them in the exhibition(and there is an old piece in there), here are the three I shall be exhibiting.

The old ‘Rest in the Dark Woods’ I painted for my ‘Little Places’ series:


I created a new piece called ‘Home’. It’s mostly pencil and watercolours but then I have done my usual digital fiddling.

House on the island

And the third piece I will be showing is ‘Whales in the River'(and yes, I know Whales do not usually swim in rivers). This is a mostly digital piece although all the elements were drawn beforehand and scanned in.

Whales in the River

The print for this last one is a lot darker than I had intended but it should still look nice once hung. These images are pretty much just about cozy spaces. And isolation:D

Kevin from Edge2edge framing once again did an amazing job on my frames and they were all delivered to St George’s yesterday. Looking forward to the opening!


Hello poor neglected blog, I’m back and I have been busy.

I have had some new christmas cards in the Watershed. I was also artist of the month in Hamilton House’s December Programme and this little Rabbit Girl got her time to shine on the cover(she’s very happy):

Martha Ford_Rabbit girl

December 1st- My first craft market since I was a child. This time, instead of helping my grandparents sell their wooden bowls and little cabinets, I was selling my own cards, lockets, prints and hand-painted tree decorations. How grown-up 😉


The event was the Magpies & I Vintage and Handmade Market at the Spiegeltent on the Harbourside in Bristol. It was beautiful and space issues aside, was the perfect first venue for me to test the waters. I will openly admit to being a bit of a pessimist sometimes so although I was excited, I also thought: I wouldn’t sell a thing, there wouldn’t be room for me, my table would collapse, the other sellers would shun me, someone would steal my float whilst I was distracted by something shiny, that sort of thing.

DSC_0330 copy

My table did wobble every time someone walked past and my stall did create a bit of a bottleneck (whenever two buggies turned up, it turned into a tiny double parked road with a car coming from either end). And I did have a few people walk by less than impressed, my favourite was a little older lady who, when her daughter pointed and said “Oh these are lovely, what do you think?”, said with a great dismissive wave across my stall, “I don’t like ANY of them”.  Can’t win ’em all eh? But generally, my artwork and products went down brilliantly (toot toot own horn)- lockets, decorations and cards were the most popular but a fair few prints sold too.

DSC_0346 copy

Saw many friends and friendly acquaintances and most of my family turned up to help. I absolutely loved it and if I wasn’t working in Forbidden Planet at the weekends, I would probably become a market junkie. Also, hot spiced apple juice and caramel crumble cakes are delicious.


Since then, I have been a guest in the vol.3 and 4 of Paper Scissors Stone and then was asked to come back for the Volume 5 over Christmas which was AMAZING. Really enjoyed meeting some new people and equally, working with some familiar faces. I had a few new designs in the shop and sold most of my stock which was, as you can imagine, VERY nice and will hopefully alleviate some of my post-christmas financial woes!


It also led on to a lovely opportunity. I am now selling my products in a co-operative shop above BS8 on Park Street in Bristol with 6 other talented people. I think I might do a little post about Upstairs at BS8 and my colleagues once I have settled in a little more.


Maybe not as interesting for some of you but I have also spent a good amount of my time volunteering in a college and a secondary school back in Swindon. The ESOL department of New College and the Art Department of Isambard Community School both took me in and let me help with a bunch of projects and classes. Absolutely loved it. The ESOL classes were lively and chaotic, with teenagers from all over the world coming together and showing that despite cultural differences, teens are always going to be teens:) I feel old.