Birthday Post!

by marthrhiannon

It’s my birthday today and to celebrate, I am blogging! No, not really, I am going to the cinema, eating lots of food, drinking and playing geeky boardgames. Roll on Dominion and Gloom(both great games, give them a go!), oh and I think there will be a lot of Articulate going down later. Wild.


Anyway, so there’s this exhibition called ‘Beat the Blues’ coming up at St George’s (Bristol), running alongside the Acoustic Music Festival and I will be exhibiting alongside some really talented illustrators and artists.

Although I am sure some of you will see them in the exhibition(and there is an old piece in there), here are the three I shall be exhibiting.

The old ‘Rest in the Dark Woods’ I painted for my ‘Little Places’ series:


I created a new piece called ‘Home’. It’s mostly pencil and watercolours but then I have done my usual digital fiddling.

House on the island

And the third piece I will be showing is ‘Whales in the River'(and yes, I know Whales do not usually swim in rivers). This is a mostly digital piece although all the elements were drawn beforehand and scanned in.

Whales in the River

The print for this last one is a lot darker than I had intended but it should still look nice once hung. These images are pretty much just about cozy spaces. And isolation:D

Kevin from Edge2edge framing once again did an amazing job on my frames and they were all delivered to St George’s yesterday. Looking forward to the opening!