RED Exhibition

by marthrhiannon


A new digital illustration I created for the RED exhibition at the Tobacco Factory, Bristol in aid of British Red Cross. A percentage of artwork sales will be donated to the Red Cross and it will help raise awareness of the amazing work carried out by the people in this organisation. The theme of the exhibition is(you guessed it) the colour red.

I wanted a red focal point and something that hinted at adventure and overcoming obstacles to reach a seemingly impossible goal to tie in with the Red Cross.

In my mind, I had those old illustrations of lonely, ancient, ivy-covered towers in the middle of gnarled, dark forests but lately, I’ve also been re-reading Daphne du Maurier’s Jamaica Inn, so there were a lot of bleak swampy/boggy images floating around in there too. The image just evolved and came together over time.

The opening night of the exhibition went really well. The live drawing by Dave Bain, Paul Roberts, Liv Bargman, Loch Ness and Katy Christianson was great and the work on the walls was varied and interesting. The more charity exhibitions, the better!