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A collection of works-in-progress, works-finished and 'things' I like.

Bristol Zombie Walk

Little bit of a personal post. Here I am as zombie alice for the Bristol Zombie Walk 2011 a little while back- great fun.

Sneaky Peeks-Upcoming Exhibitions

I have two group exhibitions coming up. One is called ‘Distance’, organised by Romina Berenice Canet, a very energetic and talented argentinian artist and fellow member of ‘Drawn in Bristol’. 11 artists from England and 11 artists from Argentina (plus Romina) will be taking part in this two-part show- first exhibiting in argentina in the Casa Carnacini from the 6th-23rd January and then the show will be brought back to the UK for a second exhibition. It should be good! Here’s a sneaky peek of my piece titled ’10 Steps Away’:

Very sneaky- honestly I’m not really sure about how much you can show before the exhibition opening, anyone?:)
And secondly, a friend of mine, Tanya J Scott, a talented animator, designer and illustrator, bid for and won funding from Ideastap to create a group exhibition and short animation around the theme of sustainability. The title of the exhibition is ‘Bottoms Up’ and I believe it will be happening at the Tobacco Factory(Bristol) in January.
Here’s a slightly less sneaky peek of this piece:

BIG BOAT/Little Boat

A little late but I am not the best blogger, I treat my blog a little like a very casual journal. Anyway, during October, one of my pieces ‘Fishing’ was exhibited at the Grain Barge in Bristol(a really nice cafe/bar on a boat) alongside a variety of work from other ‘Drawn in Bristol’ members. This was our first big group exhibition but hopefully not the last as it was a very interesting show.

‘Fishing’ will also be exhibited alongside 5 other illustrators at the Mshed where I will also be selling some prints:)

Finally, these two pieces were my show favourites.

Natalie Hughes

Ben Goodman.

Drawn in Bristol Pop-up Shop

During November I was lucky enough to be a part of the Drawn in Bristol pop-up shop in Cabot Circus. As part of the Pop-up Bristol project, 15 illustrators (inc myself) were able to set up a lovely shop for just over three weeks which allowed us to present our work to the general public in an accessible and very friendly environment.

It was a massive success. On a personal level, I not only sold quite a few prints and cards but I had a crash course in retail. It was definitely a steep learning curve. It was all pretty new for me: ordering bits and bobs from suppliers, handling printing orders, packaging suitably for sale, pricing work, inventories and even little things like reordering stock on the shop floor.

Here are some photos from our wonderful launch party:)

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And here’s a short article!: 

It’s been even longer than last time!

When I last posted, I was working for Beryl, building an illustration portfolio and had just signed up to volunteer on the decor team for Brisfest.

Since then, I’ve finished my freelance work at Beryl and have been completely absorbed in illustration since(although I am missing animating so much right now and may have to create something new soon). More about my illustration goings on in a minute.

Brisfest 2011 came and went. I spent many a good evening designing and painting in the few months leading up to the festival. We were situated in a warehouse about a 10minute walk from where I live which was perfect. We got free wristbands for the festival as a thank you for helping but unfortunately, after setting up all day thursday and friday, I got ill and was off for the whole weekend, in bed instead of dancing away into the early hours!Nevermind, I do like sleeping…

Here is a work-in-progress(almost finished) photo of one of my pin-up efforts for one of the tents:

Its Been So Long

It’s been quite a time since I last posted. I finished working as an animator on this wonderful project at the end of April. A massive well done to director Sarah Cox and the rest of the team and of course an enormous well done to all the children who designed everything from the characters to the grass and came up with the mad storylines! These kids created amazing and beautiful work which ultimately created a wonderful and very charming short film.

It’s now up on bbc iplayer if you would like to take a peek:

In other news, I am now doing a bit of freelance work for Beryl Productions whilst working on my illustration portfolio. The plan is to work towards applying for an illustration masters next year. Also just gotten involved as a volunteer in the decor team for Brisfest 2011, a music festival situated in the city centre harbourside area of Bristol. Its a brilliant theme and I hope I can give enough time to it as this could be lots of fun!

Possible new character for something? Maybe

Created this lady during work the other day. As you may have seen in previous posts, I do create a lot of this sort of thing but she is my favourite so far. I see her in a darwinian-esque study full of macabre butterfly collections and animal skeletons-might give her a dinosaur as well.

Sketchbook Project

I signed up for the sketchbook tour but ended up deciding I didnt want to part with my sketchbook, how selfish of me:) Here are a couple of drawings from the sketchbook(which is still ongoing)- my chosen theme was ‘Jackets, Blankets, Sheets’ which was a good one as I was drawing most of these during wintertime.

Got a new sketchbook

I wanted a different texture to draw on- thinking I might move on to wood or ceramics soon for a bit of variety. Always really liked the warmth of brown paper and paperchase have all these cheapish brown sketchbooks.

Top left: Picnic themed pattern with ants and all. After I drew this out I realised that it looked a bit generic and paperchasy, poo! Nevermind, it was fun drawing cupcakes and dot trails.

Top right: Watch Human Planet? This is pretty much a doodle directly from that, no creativity involved, I just really loved the image of these men going hunting with a house in tow.

Bottom left: I was in the car and bored(I wasn’t driving).

Bottom right: Grass is always greener on the other side. Trying to use colour in my work a bit more- Im usually on the go when Im drawing so black ink pens or pencils are usually the way I go.

Pen-lots of black ink pen