So, I’ve created a piece for this unusual yet amazing exhibition called BUNT.

To celebrate BIG Green Week around 100 local artists are each creating a large scale piece of wooden bunting illustrating the range of bio-diverse plants, insects and animals from the region.

The BUNT show will be hung in many of the festival’s key venues throughout BIG Green Week, and is being coordinated by the local illustration collective Drawn in Bristol.

The pieces will then be auctioned off at the end of the exhibition.

We were given a long list of subject choices and, having a bit of a thing for bugs, I chose the Anax Parthenope (a species of dragonfly).

I’m quite pleased. Personally, I never feel a piece is ever ‘finished’ but sometimes, you just have to leave it alone:)

Looking forward to seeing it hung alongside what will no doubt be a some beautiful pieces. Exciting.