Martha R. Ford : Illustration

A collection of works-in-progress, works-finished and 'things' I like.

Month: March, 2010

And here is a background

Heres a background which can be seen in one of the tests below. Although I like it and it feels like my sorta thing (swirly curly bits, lots of lines, sketchy and worked into), I may go with something simpler- forms and colouring technique- will go and get some feedback on monday(first cut review, eek).

Main Character

Finally pinpointed how I would like the little girl character to look. Here we go:

Keeping the the colour simple and quite muted. I want the whole feel of the film until the end to be like an overcast day. At the end, it is a warm summers night and she will have more of a glow about her(she will be a young woman then).

And more rough pencil tests

Sorry, youtube seems to be cutting off the ends of my animations, nevermind, they are only rough tests. I shall remember to add a bit of darkness at each end when I have something better to show:)

Anyway, here are a few more tests.

Pencil tests

Some very rough pencil tests. I think a lot of it might be a bit stiff but Im improving!:) First cut on friday, hopefully have a bit more done by then. I think I took a little too long on the pre-production, lesson learnt.